Schedule is current as of August 15 ,2016

Downloadable schedule available here:  Detroit 2016 Schedule


Time Description Location
Thursday, September 22
    Pre-Conference Workshop: Leadership, Culture, and Business. Featuring Culture Change guru Robert Richman. Separate Registration required! Click Here   
8am 9am Registration and Continental Breakfast Marriott, 5th floor
9am 9:45am Opening Remarks and Keynote Speaker, Culture Guru Robbe Richman Marriott, 5th floor
10am 12pm The XPILL Experience featuring Robbe Richman Marriott, 5th floor
12:30pm 1pm Registration (PM session only) Marriott, 5th floor
12pm 1pm Lunch Renaissance Center
    (Track 1)  
1pm 3:30pm A Room Full of Referrals: How To Communicate and Network with Ease w/ Tonya Acha, The Referral Institute Marriott, 5th floor
    Have you ever met someone at an event and you just didn’t “click” and you weren’t sure why? At any given event, there are four different behavior styles present. There are Go-Getters, Promoters, Examiners and Nurturers – and each has a different way of communicating with others. Can you imagine the day you walk into a room full of people and know exactly how to gain referrals for your business? You understand what conversations to start with whom, how to develop beneficial relationships, the specific ways to motivate individuals, and even how to speak their language. Your behavior style IS affecting your refer-ability! In this presentation to discover how to adapt behavioral styles to make networking pay off in tangible business results for you.  
    (Track 2)  
1pm 2:10pm 5 Pillars of Leadership w/ Angi San Souci, certified Maxwell trainer Marriott, 5th floor
    What makes the difference between a successful team, and one that does just the minimum?  Leadership.  Why do some people get more, and go further in life than others?  Leadership.  But you have to be 'born a leader' in order to get the perks of leadership – right?  Wrong!  Leadership is a learned and refined skill. John C. Maxwell, recognized year after year as being the leadership guru, states that leadership is predictable, and operates by laws.  Twenty-One in fact – which he shares in his best selling book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. In the Five Pillars of Leadership, Angi breaks down the foundation of those 21 Laws and provides easy first steps for anyone looking to improve their leadership skills.  
2:20pm 3:30pm Effective Networking: Unlocking the Hidden Messages of the Body w/ Jay Johnson, Coeus Creative Group Marriott, 5th floor
    It’s a known quantity in the working world – if people don’t like you, they won’t do business with you.  So how do you make yourself more immediately likable? What tools can you leverage to quickly identify your allies and adversaries?  How can you use simple communication techniques to gain more positive attitudes and perceptions from your potential clients? Knowing the answers to these questions can provide immediate impact to not only your reputation, but also your organization’s bottom line. In this humorous and innovative training, attendees will explore advanced concepts of body language, building rapport, and controlling anxiety while learning the strategic communication practices necessary to establish immediate credibility in the networking environment.  Additionally, attendees will gain a better understanding of human behavior, and learn how to read and understand basic motivations within the networking and business contexts.  
3:30pm 4:00pm Meet the Speakers open forum Marriott, 5th floor
Time Description Location
Thursday, September 22
1pm 5pm JCI USA Professional Skills Competitions Marriott, 5th floor
1pm 5pm Excursions. Separate Registration required. Find out more here: Various
1pm 5pm JCI USA Committee Meetings Marriott, 5th floor
4pm 10pm Registration Open Marriott, 5th floor
7pm 8pm LTU Reunion (invitation only) Guardian Building, 32nd Floor
8pm 11pm Welcome to Detroit Party. Enjoy a drink or three on us, and learn more about why Michigan is known as the Great Beer State! Guardian Building, 32nd Floor
Friday, September 23
8am 6pm Registration Open Marriott, 5th floor
All Day Excursions. Separate Registration required. Find out more here: Various
8am 4pm Michigan Market! Featuring local vendors, come out and take a piece of The D! home with you! Marriott, 5th floor
8:30am 9am Continental Breakfast (included) Marriott, 5th floor
9am 10am JCI-USA Morning Show Marriott, Mackinac Ballroom
10:15am 12pm Keynote Workshop: "How To Stay Relevant" w/ Culture Guru Robbe Richman Marriott, Mackinac Ballroom
    "The most important skill you have is the ability to stay relevant"
It's no longer about being the best. It's no longer about innovating.
There are so many ways to spend our money, our time and our attention. And change is happening so quickly that it's hard to keep up.
Leaders are those in every field who stay the most relevant. It's so important that it's better to be hated than it is to become irrelevant, because when you're irrelevant you simply don't matter anymore. Is there a fate worse than this?
Robbe Richman, former culture strategist of (Yes, that Zappos, the one where everyone loves to work) is sharing his brand new material with us the Jaycees. Companies like Toyota, Eli Lilly, Unilever, Harvard's Innovation Lab and many others call Robert in to help with their culture. But here's what he has to say about our annual meeting…

"I haven't shared this with any of my corporate clients because it's too edgy. I've been working on it for 7 years and it's finally ready for audiences who are risk-takers and game changers. That's why I chose the Jaycees."
This will go beyond anything you've seen. It's not a talk. It's an experience.
12pm 1pm Lunch (included) Renaissance Center
1pm 3:15 Speaker's Showcase and Candidate Caucus for 2017 JCI-USA Executive Officers Marriott, Mackinac Ballroom
3:30pm 5:30pm JCI-USA Board Meeting Marriott, Mackinac Ballroom
3:30pm 4:25pm Workshop Session 1: Stages of Intentionality w/Angi San Souci, certified Maxwell Trainer Marriott, 5th floor
    We've all heard the proverb – The road to hell is paved with good intentions.  There is one universal connection between all humans – regardless of age, religion, or ethnicity – we all want to make a difference.  What's the difference between those who want to make a difference, and those who do?  Intention.  And intentionality is a process.  In this workshop Angi walks through the four stages of intentionality using the system described in John C. Maxwell's book Intentional Living.  By the end, participants will have a clear, defined road map of how they can go from "I want to…" to "This is how I'm going to…".  
4:35pm 5:30pm Workshop Session 2: (TBD) Marriott, 5th floor
    Description coming  
3:30pm 5:30pm Workshop Session 3: Exploring the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative w/ President and Co-Founder, Tyson Gersh Marriott, 5th floor
    The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks to engage members of the Michigan community in sustainable agriculture. We believe that challenges unique to the Michigan community (e.g., vacant land, poor diet, nutritional illiteracy, and food insecurity) present a unique opportunity for community-supported agriculture. Using agriculture as a platform to promote education, sustainability, and community—while simultaneously reducing socioeconomic disparity—we hope to empower urban communities. 100% volunteer-run, MUFI is focused on the redevelopment of a two-square-block area in Detroit's North End. Tyson will share how MUFI has been able to do what they have, with best practices and take aways for your own community, and may also take you on a trip to the farm itself!  
Evening   States' Dinners and Explore Detroit!!! downtown Detroit
    With over 300 restaurants and bars within a 2mile radius of the hotel, there is something for everyone in downtown Detroit!  
    Friday & Saturday Conference Speaker Bios  
Saturday, September 24
8am 6pm Registration Open Marriott, 5th floor
8:30am 9am Continental Breakfast (included) Marriott, 5th floor
9am 12pm JCI-USA Annual Meeting and Elections Marriott, Mackinac Ballroom
12pm 1pm Lunch (included) Renaissance Center
12pm 1pm TOYA Honoree Luncheon (invitation only) TBA
1pm 2pm Understanding the Global Goals – Panel Discussion and Workshop Marriott, 5th floor
Panel Discussion What are the Global Goals, and why do they matter to me? How can I, as one individual, create an impact on a global level? Why should I want to?
Join us for a panel discussion featuring representatives from the UN Foundation, the World Bank, the Food and Drug Administration, JCI, and local government followed by a workshop where we will answer your questions regarding the Sustainable Development Goals and why they should matter to each and every one of us, no matter where we live.
2pm 4pm  
Afternoon Excursions. Separate Registration required. Find out more here: Various
630pm 730pm TOYA Cocktail Hour (open to all!) Ambassador Foyer
630pm 730pm Presidential Reception (invitation only) TBA
730pm 10pm TOYA Awards Gala and Dinner, featuring our 2016 TOYA honorees, and entertainment provided by the Il Segreto String Quartet, the Univ. of Michigan Friars!, and DJ Rick Rodriguez. Ambassador Ballroom
10pm 1am TOYA Party Ambassador Ballroom
1am 4am Afterglow TBA
Sunday, September 25  
All Day Post-Conference Excursions, including a Sunrise Kayaking Tour and the Detroit Tigers vs Kansas City Royals Game! Register here: Various
All Day 2017 JCI-USA Executive Team Meetings Marriott, 5th Floor



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